# Flows

While projects can be runned and all features and scenarios will run in their list order, flows allow selecting scenarios to run in other preferred orders.

# List of flows

To view the list of flows in a project, select the desired project, then click the Flows button on the right and the Flows pane would be shown with the list.

Show flows

Each flow list item shows the name of the flow.

Flows list

# Create a new flow

To create a new flow, click create at the top right corner of the pane.

You must first select a feature to create flows

Create a new flow

Then drag and drop scenarios from multiple features into the form and sort appropriately.

Flows form

When done, click Save button to save the flow.

To cancel, click Cancel button.

# Edit a flow

Click Edit button from the desired flow and update the flow information as desired in the form that is shown to the right.

Edit a flow

# Delete a flow

Click Delete button on the desired flow and confirm deletion.

Confirm flow deletion

NOTE: Deleted flows CANNOT be retrieved.