# Snippets

Snippets are scenario lines that can be imported into scenarios. Instead of having to always repeat the same lines in multiple scenarios, just create a snippet containing the desired lines and import them in all the scenarios.

# List of snippets

To view the list of snippets in a project, select the desired project, then click the Snippets button on the right and the Snippets pane would be shown with the list.

Show snippets

Each snippet list item shows the name of the snippet.

Snippets list

# Create a new snippet

To create a new snippet, click create at the top right corner of the pane.

Create a new snippet

Then provide the name and value of the snippet.

Feature form

Note: Unlike scenarios, snippets can ONLY have either action to perform lines or states to check lines, not both.

See scenario form for more details.

# Edit a snippet

Click Edit button from the desired snippet and update the snippet information as desired in the form that is shown to the right.

Edit a snippet

# Delete a snippet

Click Delete button on the desired snippet and confirm deletion.

Confirm snippet deletion

NOTE: Deleted snippets CANNOT be retrieved.